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Why do we need to repair the hoof for cattle?

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   Dairy hoof repair is a technique that uses a knife, scissors, saw, hoe or hoof repair machine to restore the shape and physiological function of the hoof.
    The types of dairy hoof disease include diseases such as rot rot disease, hoof deformation, laminitis, hoof dermatitis, inter-toe (toe), hoof erosion and hoof injury. Among the above-mentioned hoof diseases, rot disease and hoof deformation are the most common. Dairy cow disease is one of the four most common diseases in dairy cows. Due to the specific conditions of each farm, the incidence of hoof disease is different, which will not only affect the normal life of dairy cows, but also cause the performance of dairy cows to decline. Improper handling can even lead to the elimination of dairy cows, resulting in greater economic losses. There are several effects on the hoof repair of cows:
    1. Reasonable and timely hoof repair to prevent the deformation of the hoof and increase the limbs.
    2. Cows that have developed hoof disease have therapeutic effects. When the toes rot, the hoof erosion and the rot rot disease occur, the hoof can be cured.
    3. Increase the amount of milk produced.
    4. Improve the service life of dairy cows and reduce the elimination rate.
    The hoof repair can effectively prevent dairy cow disease and protect the health of the cow. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the hoof in time.

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