Hoof trimming tool kit

• Model: YL 4408

Product Description

This Hoof trimming tool kit, designed for trimming hooves and shoeing horses, can also be used for cattle. Attractively boxed unit contains farrier hammer, hoof nipper, hoof knife, file with handle, buffer, hoof pick, clincher.


Hoof trimming tool kit
Hoof trimming tool kit

Product  Parameters

 Polishing machine   1 set
 Electric Knife Sharpener    1 piece
 small grinding head/wheelhead      5 pieces
 Alloy grinding head    5 pieces
Sharpening stone     1 piece
linen  1 piece
alloy blade  1 piece
hoof pincers     1 piece
carpenter's pincers/nutcracker   1 piece
straight knife   1 set
L knife  1 set
box   1 piece

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