poultry chicken bird water bowl with screw

Model: YL6436 YL6507 YL6647 YL6512 YL5700 YL8019
Color red,blue,yellow
Material Plastic
 Product Parameters

Model YL6436 YL6507 YL6647 YL6512 YL5700  YL8019
Diameter 6cm 6cm 9.5cm 7cm 8.4cm 11cm
Features of poultry chicken water bowl

1, attractive price, and compared to traditional ways save 40% water

2, reliable quality, injection molded with high quality raw materials,not easy to break.

3, always keep the state running water; cage divider, reduce disease transmission channels.

4, easy to install, do not need to clean water tank and change the water every day ,saving power and effort.

5, chicken can drink fresh water all the time, significantly increase the egg production rate.

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