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Why do calves like pacifiers?

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 Why do calves like pacifiers?
Not long after the calf was born, the rumen was not fully developed and could not be digested with the rumen. There is an esophageal sulcus from the end of the esophagus to the entrance to the valve. When the calf is drinking milk, its sucking action reflexively closes both sides of the esophageal groove into a tubular shape, so that the milk flows directly from the esophagus into the gastric sulcus into the abdomen. This reflection is called esophageal groove reflection. The degree of closure of the esophageal sulcus is closely related to the way of sucking. When the calf sucks slowly with the artificial breastfeeder, the esophageal sulcus is tightly closed; however, when drinking milk from the barrel, due to lack of sucking stimulation, the esophageal groove reflex is reduced, and part of the milk will flow into the rumen. Because the calf's rumen development is imperfect, it can't discharge the leaked milk. The milk stays in the rumen for a long time and is prone to rancidity, causing calf diarrhea.
    In a large farm, the calf is separated from the cow after it is born, so the calf does not suck the milk through the nipple at first, and the breeder only has to find a way to make it like the pacifier.
    Usually the breeder will use the following methods:
    First, the hand guides the lure. First, you can use a clean finger to lure it, because the length and softness of the finger is similar to that of the teat. When the calf gets used to sucking the finger, the breeder has to put the bottle in the mouth of the calf to let it drink milk. It recognizes the pacifier.

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