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How do chicken nipples drinker work?

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 Chicken nipple drinker have proven to be a reliable and hygienic solution for the supply of water.

chicken nipple drinker
Chicken nipple drinker
1. Every 1000 chickens of 1 day old should have 20-25 drinking fountains of about 4 liters with fresh clean drinking water. Some customers often suffer from water shortages due to insufficient water dispensers, and there are “dry chickens” in the chickens. Such chicks grow slowly and affect the uniformity of the chickens. The chicken nipple drinker should be placed near the heat source and placed alternately with the feeder.
2, Chicken nipple drinker an not stop water, and require drinking water clean and hygienic, does not contain pathogenic microorganisms, drinking fountains are washed and disinfected before loading water.
3. When using the automatic chicken nipple drinker and the water line is excessive, 5-7 days old, the drinker should be gradually moved to the automatic drinking fountain. At 8-10 days of age, the chicken nipple drinker should be gradually removed several times a day to enable the chicks to discover new sources of water. If necessary, leave the chicken nipple drinker for 14 days so that the chicks have plenty of time to fully adapt to the automatic drinker.
 nipple drinker
Chicken nipple drinker
4. If using a sink, each chicken must have at least 2cm of straight drinking position (including the position on both sides of the drinking trough).
5. The height of the chicken nipple drinker should be properly adjusted with the growth of the chicken. The edge of the drinker is the same as the height of the back of the chicken. This can reduce the water overflow, keep the litter dry, and help the chicken drink water.
6. The drinking fountain should be placed so that the chicken can drink water within 2.0m.
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