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Horse manure collecting machine

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Horse manure collector
If you have horses, you have horse manure,how to dispose horse manure?

FirePeig supplier horse manure collector machine ,The horse manure collector machine can clean up the manure by one person operation, greatly reducing the labor intensity and maintaining a good air environment in the interior, giving the livestock a good one. Good living space. Reduce the incidence of disease.

Horse manure collector machine

The output shaft of the reducer transmits the power to the main drive wheel through the chain or the V-belt. The friction force between the drive wheel and the traction rope is used as the traction to drive the scraper back and forth. When the scraper is working, the crescent moon on the scraper slides. The blocks are automatically wiped off and lifted automatically when they return to complete the cleaning operation.

The horse manure collector machine is a good helper to dispose the horse manure.

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