Manure collector machine

Product name Manure collector machine
Colour Green ,also can be customized according to client requirement
Certification: CE ISO
Manure collector machine application Cattle manure,cow manure,sheep manure,horse manure
Manure collector machine use can disposale all kinds of animal manure
Brand Name FirePeig
Power: Diesel

Product Description

Manure collector machine description
manure collector
Manure collector machine

The manure collector machine is assembled from the frame and the carriage. The engine is driven by the diesel engine. The manure collector machine is mainly used for the excretion of livestock excrement in livestock farms such as cowsheds and piggeries.

The manure collector machine can clean up the manure by one person operation, greatly reducing the labor intensity and maintaining a good air environment in the interior, giving the livestock a good one. Good living space. Reduce the incidence of disease.

The manure collector machine is very effective and labor saving. It can load and unload automatically, It needs only one worker to operate and can finished 1000cows ranch’s manure collecting within 5hours which makes this job easier.

Manure collector machine main structure:
cattle manure collector machine
Manure collector machine

1. The main body of the manure collector machine: This manure collector machine is equipped with a national standard 2.2 kw three-phase asynchronous motor and a cycloidal pin wheel reducer.

2.Corner wheel


Manure collector machine working process

horse manure collector machine
Manure collector machine working show 

The output shaft of the reducer transmits the power to the main drive wheel through the chain or the V-belt. The friction force between the drive wheel and the traction rope is used as the traction to drive the scraper back and forth. When the scraper is working, the crescent moon on the scraper slides. The blocks are automatically wiped off and lifted automatically when they return to complete the cleaning operation.

Manure collector machine advantage

1. Manure collector machine can realize unmanned management, automatic timing cleaning, and any time setting;

2. Moving temporary excrement, the operation is simple and quick, automatic manual arbitrary conversion;

3.level power transmission, increase friction, strong power;

4.8 rounds of scraping plate design, scraper automatically retractable, adjustable plate position, low friction, clean manure;

5. 220V single-phase power supply and 380V three-phase power output can be selected;

6.A host can run 1-4 scraping manure board, the longest manure stroke 140 meters, steel rope and cotton rope traction mode optional.

Manure collector machine classification:

According to the method of Manure collector machine: stacking Manure collector machine, ladder type manure collector machine.

According to the use of points: vertical manure collector machine, horizontal manure collector machine.
Clean car manufacturers fold difference

The biggest difference between the stacked manure collector machine and the stepped manure collector machine is the difference between the cleaning methods.

manure collector machine
Manure collector machine use

1. Vertical automatic dust remover: once daily excrement, it can be extended to two days when there are special circumstances, but it is not always so, because the excrement belt and the transmission motor cannot work under high load for a long time.

2. Horizontal manure collector machine: It is necessary to start the horizontal cleaning machine first and then start the vertical cleaning machine. It is necessary to first close the vertical automatic cleaning machine and then close the horizontal manure collector machine.

Manure collector machine use, maintain and maintenance

1. Before use, the cycloid reducer is filled with 30# oil to the middle of the oil window, and the turbine reducer is filled with 50# oil with 1.2-1.5 liters, and the oil is changed every three months.

2. The manure plates are cleaned 2-3 times a day, the excrement trucks offer, the manure ditch is too long to increase the number of manure removal.

3. During normal operation, check the lubricant once a week. If it is insufficient, add it and inject oil once a week into the drive chain.

4, check the tightness of the chain every month, large-scale cleaning truck, drooping 3-5 mm in the middle of the chain is appropriate, Guizhou cleaning truck, loose loose fastening bolt adjustment, tight bolts and top wire.

5. Check the scraping of the fecal board every week and clean up the dung in the board.

Product  Parameters

 NO Item  Specifications
1 Model  YL-3,YL-4.YL-5,YL-6,YL-6,YL-7,YL-8,YL-9,YL-10
2 Capacity(cubic)  3cub,4cub,5cub,6cub,7cub,8cub,9cub,10cub
3 Height and width(mm)  Customized
 4 Matching poer(w)  Multi-cylinder engine
5 Chassis Strengthen the square tube
6 Body Hydraulic dump
7 Steering Hydraulic assistance
8 Transfer mechanism Scrper tranafter

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