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How to buy high-quality chicken feeding line?

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The Introduction of chicken feeding line.
Chicken feeding line is an automated poultry feeding equipment, mainly adapted to the feeding of broiler, chicken products, finished chicken. With a high degree of automation, accurate feeding control and other characteristics, chicken feeding line is composed of silos, feed pan, conveying pipe, auger, motors and level sensors and other components.

The function of chicken feeding line.
Each tray of the feeding line is generally divided into 16 grid, supplying 50-70 Chickens’ normal diet, the dose uniformity. Chicken personnel can effectively reduce the intensity of work, saving farming costs, saving time and effort. Its main function is to convey hopper in the material to each material plate, guarantee the chicken to eat, and the material level sensor to automatically control motor of opening and closing, achieve the goal of automatic feed.

The selection guide of chicken feeding line.
Due to the price of chicken feed line is relatively transparent, quality about the general price will not vary a lot. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers in order to attract users to start at a low price to cut corners on the equipment, reduce the production cost. Generally good trays and water are based on engineering plastics, high-strength, bending is not easy to break.

chicken feeding line

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