Continuous syringe

● Model: YL 6715/6716/6717/6718
● Material: Stainless steel
● Capacity: 1ml /2ml
● Dosing: 0.1-1.0ml /0.2~2ml
● Feature: continuous and adjustable

Product Description

Continuous syringe
Continuous syringe

Continuous syringe Features:
Luer lock adaptor;
Continuous syringe Stainless steel material;
Higth accurate valve system;
Light weight;
0.1-1.0ml / 0.2~2ml continuous and adjustable;
Precise dosage control;
Suitable for small dosage injection.

Technical Parameters

Name Continuous syringe
YL6715 YL6716 YL6717 YL6718
Capacity 2ml 1ml 2ml 2ml
Dosing 0.1-2.0ml 0.1~1ml 0.2~2ml 0.2~2ml
Type  K-type upgraded K-type K-type K-type
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel

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