Continuous syringe pump

● Model: YL6704/6705/6708/6709
● Material: ABS,Stainless steel, chorm plating metal
● Capacity: 2ml/10ml
● Dose: 0.2~2ml/0.1~2ml/1~10ml
● Feature: Adjustable and continuous

Product Description

Continuous syringe pump
Continuous syringe pump

Continuous syringe pump Features:
1.Light weight
2.Easy to use for animal inject
3.Flexible operation
4.Accurate measurement
5.Different does are available
6.Veterinary Continuous Injector

1. Continuous syringe pump Using direction:

I. Insert both aspirating needle and vent needle into bottle, connect the aspirating needle with joint by catheter.
II. Rotate adjustment wire to the position, align ruler line with scale, drive syringe continuously, set the desired dose position after the syringe is full of liquid medicine. You can use it as long as you lock the locking cap.

2. Disinfection method

First, fill the injection syringe with water and then put the syringe into a pot and boil it for about ten minutes before using. (Attention, keep the syringe above the bottom of pot) Pour out the water inside the injection syringe until it is dry.

3. Maintenance method

Use clean hot water to clear the vaccine syringe for several times until there is no residual water or liquor in the injection syringe. Clean the syringe appearance and store it in dry place.

4. Notice

I. Poor drug absorption phenomena may occur after automatic vaccine syringe is placed for a long time. You can deal with that by separating rubber valve from joint or cavity or you can check the rubber valve and clean it.
II. Piston return slow phenomenon may appear after long term use. You can improve it by smearing a little vegetable oil inside the cavity wall or O ring or just changing a new O ring.
III. The seal should be tightened when clean or change the accessories.


Technical Parameters

Name Continuous syringe-A Continuous syringe-B Continuous syringe-C Continuous syringe-B
YL6704 YL6705 YL6709 YL6708
Capacity 2ml 2ml 2ml 10ml
Dosing 0.2-2.0ml 0.1-2ml 0.2-2ml 1-10ml
Feature Adjustable and continuous
Material Stainless steel, copper Stainless steel, copper Stainless steel, ABS  Stainless steel, copper

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