vertical pin ear tag Pliers

brand FirePeig
Model YL1215
specs 25cm
color orange
Application Pig, sheep, cattle etc
Weight 0.39kg

Product Description

Product introduction
1.vertical pin ear tag Pliers is a plier to install the ear tag on the pig, sheep, cattle etc.
2.High quality,aluminum alloy material, shell high-grade painting material never rust, durable.
3. Resonable design according to the human plam, automatic lock , energy saving and easy to operate.
vertical pin ear tag PliersUsage introduction
1. Hold the animal tool plier to press, the switch automatic to turn on
2. Press the clip, install ear tag
3. Put the nail binding on ear tag needle, remained stable
4. Full immersion in the disinfectant, safety and health
5. Find a appropriate placement of the ears , put forth effort to finish at one time.

 	vertical pin ear tag Pliers






Product Parameters

Name vertical pin ear tag Pliers
YL 1215
Usage  pig,cattle ,sheep ,animal ear tag
Material Aluminum alloy    
color orange
Weight 315g

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