Animal marker crayon for pig

Brand Name Yinglian
model YL1501
Material Plastic, Paraffin&Plastic
type marker crayon pig
Application cattle, sheep and pigs
color Red&Green&Blue

Product Description

Animal marking crayon is used for marking of cattle, sheep and pigs.It is a Ideal for temporary Identification, a reliable and economical method

The material is special waxes and paraffin oil,environmental protection, non-toxic side effects,.Non-toxic to the skin of animals.

Color: green,red,blue is available. Long lasting. Highly visible, Colors are bright. So It can been seen from a long distance.

4.Animal marker crayonConvient&Clear
Animal marker crayon  is simple to use convenient, lipstick type spiral pipe, wax is good, color is gorgeous,
marked clearly.



Animal marker crayon

Product  Parameters

 Name  Animal marker crayon
 Material  Plastic, Paraffin&Plastic
 Size  11.5*3cm
 Weight  60g

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