Animal ear tag plier with 90 degree flip pin

brand FirePeig
Material Aluminum Alloy
Size 24*6.5*2.4cm
Usage pig,cattle ,sheep ,animal ear tag
Color red
Weight 315g
Model YL1208

Product Description

Animal ear tag plier with 90 degree flip pin is used to install the ear tag on the pig, sheep, cattle etc.,it should have a pin mechanism that flips forward if the animal pulls away during application to prevent injury to ear of the animal.

Feature of Animal ear tag plier with 90 degree flip pin

1.Universal total tagger + (with flip-pin feature)

2.If animal pulls away during application the pin will flip forward

3.Will apply all varieties of two piece tags

4.Deep jaw makes proper placement easier

5.Grip is designed ease and fatigue from repeated use

6.Replacement applicator pin located in handle

 Animal ear tag plier
Competitive Points(1)    First Grade top quality ear mark applicator

Competitive Points(2)    outstanding precise& purest raw material, non-toxic and enviromental friendly cattle ear mark applicator

Competitive Points(3)    Full range specifications suitable for all kinds of Ear Tags .

Competitive Points(4)    Excellent Parallel closed structure insure Male and female ear tags Vertical penetration stably locked,energy saving.

Competitive Points(5)    OEM & ODM welcomed, manufacture the products with customer's samples or drawings,Try order accepted used for animal breeding management.

Description                    Livestock,poulrty,Pet and other animals to the Ear Marks,Farming and Epidemic quarantine equipment and device

Animal ear tag plier


Product Parameters

Name Animal ear tag plier with 90 degree flip pin
YL 1208
Usage  pig,cattle ,sheep ,animal ear tag
Material alloy steel                 
Size 26*6.5*2.4cm
color red

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