Cattle burdizzo castrator

● Model: YL 4303
● Material: Stainless steel and plastic handle
● Size: L 505mm *W 106mm
● Weight: 2.8kg
● Max open size: 51mm
● Usage: Used for animal no blood castration
● MOQ: 20pcs

Product Description

Cattle burdizzo castrator
Cattle burdizzo castrator

1. Cattle burdizzo castrator is used for cattle, sheep, horse, donkey Ox, sheep castrated surgery, no blood castration. emascultor is a kind of veterinary surgical instruments, used for male livestock castration (also called castration) surgery.

2. The reimers emasculator won’t directly destroy cow testicles.

3. The spermatic cord, blood vessel and ligaments groups fully fall off by the large shear force of pliers edge through the scrotum.

4. The testicles of bull gradually wither without blood supply and necrosis.

Technical Parameters

Name Cattle burdizzo castrator
YL 4303
Size L 505mm *W 106mm
Material Stainless steel and plastic handle
Usage Used for animal no blood castration 
Weight 2.8kg
Max open size 51mm
MOQ 20pcs

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