Sheep Vaginal Speculum

• Model: YL 4208 / YL 4207
• Meterial: Carbon steel
• Size: 16cm / 33cm
• Application Animal inspection

Product Description

Sheep Vaginal Speculum

Sheep Vaginal Speculum

Sheep Vaginal Speculum PRODUCT FEATURES 

1.Round head design, protect inner wall of cervical
2.Easy clean, high temperature disinfection can be performed


Sheep Vaginal Speculum should be disinfected before use,take lubricant (vaseline) on its surface, then close the
speculum, with horizontal arm hand slowly inserted, In clockwise 90 ° direction after inserted,
then open the speculum for observation.


Sheep Vaginal Speculum disinfection is to use detergent to wash the dirt from the inside and outside, use tap water
rinse, then put it into drying oven for dry heat sterilization.


Technical Parameters

Name Cattle vaginal speculum Sheep vaginal speculum
YL 4207 YL 4208
Size 33cm length 16cm length
Material Carbon steel Carbon Steel
Max open 11cm 5.5cm

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