Sheep cow bells for sale

• Model: YL 4532
• Size : Dia 35/ 50/ 57/ 70/ 80mm
• Weight: 36/ 82/ 130/ 177/ 246g
• Bell core: Double

Product Description

Sheep cow bells for sale
Sheep cow bells for sale

Material: steel alloy galvanized thermoelectric treatment

Sheep cow bells for sale Product use: for cattle, horses, sheep and other large animals hanging in the neck to use, easy to looking for cattle, horses, sheep when grazing in grass high forest dense, anti-lost and stolen

Welding process: edge, ring and ring hanging part are with oxygen welding, Handle adopts physical pressure and oxygen welding very firm welding process.

Sheep cow bells for sale Note: This Sheep cow bells for sale  contains only a separate bell, not including the collar. You can use a firm cloth bar or other simple materials to make the collar tied the bell hanging in the the neck of sheep or cattle or other animal.

Sheep cow bells for sale Features: Whole long cylinder, made of special acoustical material, thick shell, loud sound.

Technical Parameters

Model YL 4532-S YL 4532-M YL 4532-L YL 4532-XL YL 4532-XXL
Size 3.5*6cm 5*8cm 5.7*10cm 7*11.5cm 8*13cm
Weight 36g 82g 130g 177g 246g
Bell core 1 2 2 2 2

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