Plastic slatted floor for sheep

Brand Name FirePeig
floor size 400mmx500mm/800mmx500mm/1200mmx500mm
Material PP new material
beam height 90mm/120mm
model YL5218

Product Description

1. This Plastic slatted floor for sheep  is suitable for sheep, mainly be used to easily clean sheep house, ensure the health and hygiene of sheep.

2, Plastic slatted floor for sheep  size: 400mmx500mm/ 800mmx500mm / 1200mmx500mm
Support beam height: 90mm/ 120mm

3. Plastic slatted floor for sheep Material: PP new material

4, With a floor support frame, and reinforcement bar;

5, Anti-oxidation, anti-UV, generally use more than a decade

Plastic slatted floor for sheep 

Advantages of Plastic slatted floor for sheep :

Easy to install, sturdy and reliable;
large load-bearing capacity, flat bed, not easy to bend, moderate elastic ;
high fecal leaking rate, easy to wash;
No burrs, can significantly improve the sheep feeding and managing conditions.

Product  Parameters

 Name  Plastic slatted floor for sheep 
 Chicken house plastic slat floor size
 400mmx500mm/ 800mmx500mm / 1200mmx500mm
 Support beam height  90mm/ 120mm
 Material  PP new material

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