Pig tail castrating piler

Name stainless steel elastrator castrator
Material stainless steel
spare part castration ring
Application Pig, sheep,cattle etc
Model YL4305
MOQ 100pcs

Product Description

1. The  Pig tail castrating piler is used to castrate or cutting tail for pig, sheep ,cattle etc animal.

2. working method: use the elastrator castrator open the castrating rubber ring , put the castration ring on the tail, testicle etc parts, naturally fall off.

3. Pig tail castrating piler Feature: Painless, bloodless, no infection

4. High quality, multifunctional, easy to operate

Note: The castration ring is spare parts, so pls buy some rubber rings.
Pig tail castrating piler
Pig tail castrating piler

Technical Parameters

Name Pig tail castrating piler
spare part castration ring
Material Stainless steel 
Application Pig, sheep,cattle etc
Function castration, tail cutting

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