poultry heat lamp

Brand Name Yinglian
Model YL1526 YL1067 YL5687 YL7214 YL7215
Shell material Plastic
Application Chicken Farm warming
Weight: 0.28kg/pc
Color blue,black,green,yellow,orange

Product Description

1: the body with anti-melting, high temperature material, safe to use.

2: The warm wind when work, temperature uniformity, warm but not hot.

3: heat flow in the air ,Bactericidal action ,Promote animal blood circulation, to help digestion of the stomach

4: Three-block switch, you can choose the appropriate heat to adjust.more convenient

5: Three temperature.100W 200W 300W(for YL1526)

6: The body has LED lighting, soft light, no glare, does not affect sleep.

7: green energy, explosion-proof and waterproof.

8: long life time up to 15,000 hours. Body blowing warm air, the temperature can reach 40-90 degrees Celsius.


Product  Parameters

Model YL1526 YL1067 YL5687 YL7214 YL7215
Color blue black green yellow orange
Material plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic
Power 100W-200W-300W adjustable

5W-50W-100W adjustable

300W 200W 150W
Product Size 12*13cm 12*13cm 12*14.5cm 10.2*12cm 10.5*12cm
Cover area within 1 ㎡  within 1 ㎡  within 1 ㎡  within 0.5㎡  within 0.01m³

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