Air-heater-hot-air-generator with Diesel / kerosene direct

Brand Name FirePeig
Model YL5238
Model YL5239
Model YL5240

Product Description

Product advantages

1. It can accurately control the temperature within 40 ℃ in 150-250㎡ room. For large house, you can use two or several DH series heater or use our larger heater instead.
2. DH series heater equips with LCD digital controller. When the temperature rises to set temperature, the machine will automatically stop working. If the temperature is lower, the machine will restart work.
3. The hot air is the for entire space, uniform and comfortable, warmed rapidly.
4, Simple operation, small body size, easy to move and store.

Air-heater-hot-air-generator with  Diesel / kerosene direct 

DH series oilAir-heater-hot-air-generator   are widely used in conservation and brooding warming in small and medium sized farms, can effectively solve the heating problem, reduce the losses caused by low temperature; for large farms, it can be used to supplementary heating or temporary heating;
Air-heater-hot-air-generator with  Diesel / kerosene direct 

Air-heater-hot-air-generator with  Diesel / kerosene direct  Product characters:

Direct Fired Heaters, diesel or kerosene fuel;
Gas atomizing buring, good combustion effect;
Enhanced hot air type heating, rapid and efficiency;
Automatic electronic ignition;
Equipped with thermal overload protection, the heater will shutdown when overheat;
With automatic cooling function, low body surface temperature while running;
Photoelectric sensors automatically detect the flame combustion conditions, automatically shut down for abnormal situation ;
Large capacity fuel tank ensures 10 hours continuous operation;
Tank with oil drain and oil level display;
Comes with a standard power cord;
Air-heater-hot-air-generator with  Diesel / kerosene direct  can connect an external temperature controller, set temperature and start & shutdown automatically.

Product  Parameters

 model  YL5238  YL5239  YL5240
 No.  DH-30  DH-40  DH-50
 Output heat(KW)  23  43  50
 KCal/h  20000  37000   37000
 Air velocity  400 m3/h  400 m3/h  1050m3/h
 Motor power  100W 100W  250W
 Average fuel consumption  1.8L/H  1.8L/H  3L/H
 Tank capcity  21L  21L   42L
 Voltage  220V-50Hz  220V-50Hz   220V-50Hz
 Weight  26kg  26kg  37kg
 W*H*D  840*480*550mm  810*360*380 mm  930*460*570mm

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