Ventilation exhaust fans system

Voltage 220V-380V
Material Fiberglass
Dimension 1460X1460X580mm
Motor Power 1.1KW-12P
Weight 67KG
speed 650/rpm/min
Air flow 44500m3/h

Product Description

Principle of Ventilation exhaust fans system
Ventilation exhaust fans system is designed according to air convection and negative pressure ventilation principle. When it is installed in poorly ventilated areas,Ventilation exhaust fans system can use negative pressure plant to remove the stagnant heat, odor and smoke in the shortest time. Also quickly inlet fresh air indoor, achieving the purpose of ventilation and cooling to improve the environment of the workshop, cooling ventilation effect up to 90%-97%.
Ventilation exhaust fans system
Ventilation exhaust fans system

Ventilation exhaust fans system Feature:

Host is made of high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastics, with super anti-corrosion, anti-UV, anti-aging characters. Never rust, long service life.

A reasonable design of the horn, low noise,strong wind.

8-12 extremely energy-saving motor, IP55 insulation grade F, greatly reducing the

Ventilation exhaust fans system operating costs of the machine.

Motor directly linked fan to rotate, completely solve the belt loosening and aging problem of traditional belt-type fan.

PVC shutters, anti-oxidation, lightweight, easy to operate, preventing backflow of air.

6 FRP blades, no deformation, no fracture, more beautiful and durable.
Ventilation exhaust fans system
Ventilation exhaust fans system

Product Parameters

Size     Voltage    Motor power    Air flow  Fan blade speed    Weight    Noise
220~380V 1.1KW-12P 44500 m3/h      650 rpm/min    67KG <68db
1260X1260X560mm 220~380V 0.75KW-10P 40000 m3/h      550  rpm/min    60KG <68db
1060X1060X560mm 220~380V 0.55KW-10P 28000  m3/h      550 rpm/min     55KG <68db
860X860X480mm 220~380V 0.37KW-8P  13000 m3/h      450  rpm/min     40KG <68db

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