Poultry house ventilation fans

Voltage 380V
Material Galvanized sheet
Size 1100*1100*450mm
Diameter blades 1000mm
pressure 70
Motor speed 1400/rpm
Blade speed 600/rpm

Product Description

Poultry house ventilation fans  adopts advanced double door to open the front body, small wind resistance, airtight, high efficiency;The air duct adopts plug-in connection mechanism, which avoids bolt and nut fastening, reduces labor.

Aluminum-magnesium alloy belt automatically tightening device, no deformation, long service life, and use belt side tensioner to avoid belt untwist, greatly extend the belt life;

When the Poultry house ventilation fans door is closed, the rubber sealing device is added. When more than one fan starts working according to different environmental conditions, it can effectively prevent the outdoor air from entering the fan from the other, improve the working efficiency, ensure the air enters from the wet curtain or the ventilation window. ( Compared with the same size fan, improve efficiency 15~ 20%)
Poultry house ventilation fans
Poultry house ventilation fans


Product Parameters

Size    Voltage   Power Noise /DB Total pressure Air flow m3/h Motor rotational speed Blades rotational speed
  Diameter blades
 380v  750w ≤70 70 32500 1400/rmp 600/rmp 1000mm
1220*1220*450mm  380v 750w ≤70 73 38000 1400/rmp 460/rmp 1100mm
1380*1380*450mm  380v 1100w  ≤70 80              44000 1400/rmp 439/rmp 1250mm

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