Manure scrape collection machine

Brand Name FirePeig
application layers, broilers, pigs, sheep, cattles, rabbits and other livestock breeding
model YL4569

Product Description

The Manure scrape collection machine  is used for cage and floor farming maintenance of livestock feces, easy to operate, convenient and practical. It is the ideal farm cleaning equipment, widely used in layers, broilers, pigs, sheep, cattles, rabbits and other livestock breeding.

Manure scrape collection machine

Manure scrape collection machine:
Reducer output shaft transmit power through the chain or V-belt to the main drive wheel.Driving wheel and tensed traction rope firction do the traction to drive the scraper back and forth movement. Scraper worked by the crescent slide wipe and automatically fall back and lift to complete the fecal operations.

Manure scrape collection machine components:

The Manure scrape collection machine consists of frame, power mechanism, transmission mechanism, traction rope (linen rope, wire rope, chain), scraper board, anchor bolts, electrical system components.

Manure scrape collection machine  structure features:

(1) Safe, continuous traction rope, long service life;

(2) Can achieve unmanned management, automatic timing cleaning, preset time.

(3) Manure scrape collection machine, simple and quick operation, easy to switch the working term;

(4) Multi-stage power transmission, increase friction,strong power;

(5) Scientic design, scraper automaticaly retract, easy to adjust the board and clean feces;

(6) 380V three-phase power supply power output;( or customized as u need )

(7) Main device can run 1-4 scrapers, the longest scraper travel 140 meters.


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