Flip-top poultry plastic chicken feeder

Product name plastic poultry chicken feeder
Model xm8616 xm6810 xm6809 xm6581 xm0642 xm0509 xm1613 xm16012
Material Plastic
suitable for chicken,bird
Colors red,yellow,green,blue
feeder holes 12holes;16 holes;22 holes;28 holes

Product Description

Advantages of poultry chicken feeder
 1.The poultry feeder chicken feed container is more convenient to add food and feed.
2.Using the plastic poultry feeder not only saves feed, but more importantly, it allows the chicken to eat clean and healthy food, prevent diseases and improve the survival rate of the poultry.
3.The feeding container is made of high density polypropylene for durability.
4.Chicken food feeder with various of feed holes to ensure multiple chickens are fed simultaneously
5.The little giant poultry feeder is of excellent quality of the plastic feeder, reasonable price and save cost.



Product  Parameters

 Name  Little giant poultry plastic chicken feeder
 Material  plastic
 Animal Type  Chicken,bird
 Colors  red blue yellow green
Feeder Holes 12hole,16 holes,22 holes,28 holes

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