Chicken water feeder automatic

Product name Automatic chicken waterer feeder
Application Chicken
Material Plastic
type animal drinker
Function feeder water for chicken
Usage automatic chicken drinking
Package bow

Product Description

chicken waterer
poultry drinker
Chicken water feeder automatic 

Chicken water feeder automatic  are a great way to make the daily choir of watering birds easier. It doesn’t matter whether you have a few chickens, or hundred, they can be a real labour saving devices when compared with manual water feeders.

Chicken water feeder automatic  advatage

automatic waterer feeder
chicken feeder
Chicken water feeder automatic 

Easy to install.
Mobile, you can easily pick them up and move them about.
Relatively inexpensive.
Suitable for use with small chick because of the small bowl.
Made of plastic suite won’t rust.
Can feed a large number of birds.
Easy to maintain and clean.


Product  Parameters

Product  Name  Chicken water feeder automatic 
 Material  plastic
Type  animal drinker
 Usage  automatic chicken drinking
 Fuction  feeder water for chicken
Application chicken

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