Poultry chicken water drinker cups

Model YL5303
Material ABS
Size 15*8cm
weight 30g
Application chicken poultry farm
Suitable pipe 3/4'' pvc pipe
MOQ 1000

Product Description

1. 360° water outlet & High sensitivity . Poultry chicken water drinker cups from every side of the drinker . Once touching the steel clip, water will flow immediately and smoothly.
2.Save water and feeder:clean sanitation, save water, save feed, keep dry chicken manure, without washing, labor saving, improving feed reward, improve the level of farm management advantages.

3.Reduce disease:. .,because the Poultry chicken water drinker cups sealing performance is good, water is not directly exposed to the hen house, avoid dust and pathogenic bacteria in the water, also avoid chicken cross infection caused by drinking water, improve the survival rate of chickens. It is advantageous to the chickens and epidemic prevention to reduce the spread of disease.

4.Poultry chicken water drinker cups Reduce labor intensity:use Poultry chicken water drinker cupscan save artificial rinse tank work, also facilitate the artificial feeding and improve the labor productivity.

5.Poultry chicken water drinker cups  Low water pressure, flow sciences, high practicality, precision CNC manufacturing. 10-150 ml/min (3 kpa pressure or 30 cm high pressure), and it can be multiplied  increases with the increasing of water flow. It also  has excellent sealing performance (and tiny open force  has a small change).
Poultry chicken water drinker cups
Poultry chicken water drinker cups

Product Parameters

Name Poultry chicken water drinker cups
Size 15*8cm
Weight 30g
Connected Pipe 3/4''
Capacity 10-15 chickens
Material ABS
Application chicken poultry farm

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