livestock water purifier filter systems

Model YL5317
Material ABS & Plastic
Large size 28*13cm
Small size 21*11.5cm
Weight 0.72KG or 0.46KG
Suitable pipe 3/4'' or 2/1''
MOQ 50pcs

Product Description

livestock water purifier filter systems is mainly used for outlet filter water impurities, suitable for Chicken, pigeon, rabbit, livestock breeding etc automatic drinking water system.

1. Transparent plastic, easy to clean; Polypropylene Replacement, Cartridge for removal of: Sand, Silt, Dirt and Rust Particles.

2.Simple structure, low cost, easy to install and operate, without frequent replacement of filters, safe and reliable, no pollution on water quality.

3.Compared with other devices in addition to the sand, with a small handle large amount of water without covering the advantages of hanging installation.

4.Effectively reduce the health threats of unclean water caused by a variety of livestock and reduce disease, reduce the risk of farming, reducing the cost of prevention medication.

5. Large filter connect to 3/4'' water pipe, Middle filter water outlet diameter 1.8cm, connect to 1/2'' pipe.
livestock water purifier filter systems
livestock water purifier filter systems

Product Parameters

Name livestock water purifier filter systems
Size 28*13cm   or 21*11.5cm
Material ABS or Plastic
Connected Pipe 3/4'' or 1/2''
Weight 0.72KG or 0.46KG
Application chicken, rabbit, piegon etc
Usage drinking system/ line

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