Animal veterinary endoscopy equipment

• Model: YL 4205/ YL 4206
• Size: 33*17.5cm /17*17.5cm
• Material: Aluminum alloy handle, stainless steel tube
• Application Livestock examination

Product Description

Veterinary endoscopy equipment


veterinary endoscopy equipment application

1.Estimate livestock estrus, the best fertilization period, false pregnancy estrus, inflammation of the uterus
2.Urethral orifice inspection
3.Rectal palpation
4.Laryngeal and pharyngeal inspection
5.Abdominal examination
6.Dystocia examination

Veterinary endoscopy equipment advantage

1.veterinary endoscopy equipment is applicable to pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock artificial insemination and
examination of vagina, uterus, urethra, rectum. Easy operation, observe clearly.

2.Using veterinary endoscopy equipment can directly grasp the best fertilization period, remove uterine diseases,
improve conception rate. When service, female animal feel comfortable, no rejection reaction. Reduce fallopian tube displacement, follicles delayed crack, oestrus disorderly, cervical hardening, anus edema diseases and happen. Avoid the danger of pierced the vagina, uterus, bladder and rectal perforation when insemination.

3. veterinary endoscopy equipment can check variety of inflammatory markers of urethra, vagina, uterus inflammatory, treat with drugs timely. Also endoscopy can observe fetal situation, position change and cervix opening, confirm the nature of dystocia. When placenta retained, can check the detachment condition with endoscopy. When serious abdominal diseases diagnosis difficulty, cut a small hole in the abdominal wall, insert the disinfection endoscope, look and observe place of pathological changes.

4.Reduce the labor intensity of fertilization and thought pressure, to prevent the occupational disease(such brucellosis, arthritis, etc.)

veterinary endoscopy equipment disinfection and maintenance and matters needing attention

1. Check whether there is any looseness on buld before use and tighten it. Equipped with batteries. Tubes disinfection is necessary.

2. Endoscope is available for dry heat sterilization or two percent of Bromide Tincture sterilization. Also can be disinfected with seventy-five percent alcohol. Can also be used ten percent formalin soak for 15 minutes, then washing with sterile distilled water.

3. veterinary endoscopy equipment should clean timely after use, discharge lamp holder, wipe clean tubes. If long-term not use, should coated with vaseline in tube surface of endoscopic, prevent the oxidation of the alloy, snd keep its surface glossiness.


Technical Parameters

Name veterinary endoscopy equipment veterinary endoscopy equipment
YL4205 YL4206
Size 33*17.5CM 17*17.5CM
Material Aluminum alloy handle, stainless steel tube Aluminum alloy handle, stainless steel tube

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