cattle Sheep Dehorning tools

● Model: YL 0301
● Voltage: 220V, 500W
● Size: 15.5*15.8cm
● Wire length: 1.1m
● Weight: 1kg
● Principle: Copper rod heating dehorner

Product Description



1. Gun type handle, easy to grip
Hotspot gathered in front-end ,heat dissipation effect of back-end is good, not hot

2. Dehorning cattle tools for sale Quick heating, long service life
Copper head good thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance

3. copper head accord with the horn shape
Brand on Ox horn 15 to 20 seconds

4. ceramic heat insulation, heat accumulation
Light, strong and durable

Why need it:
1. avoid injured by fighting between cows, especially in the breast area is hurt by the follow cow.
2. easier to manage , the cow bed and tent area is lesser. Especially the scatter breeding or groups of cattle breeding,
3. To deal with the Angle of cows must be conducted in the early age, often in a cow was born in a week, at the latest not more than two months. So in cows early age, the cow is easy to control, less bleeding, less pain, less susceptible to bacterial infections.

Directions for use:

1.This Dehorning tools is used for 15-70 days calves or lamb etc .small trauma, good effect, raise cattle or sheep breeding quality whole, prevent bumps.
2.This Dehorning is suitable for the voltage 220 original fever, according to the use of temperature precision design, not casually tapping, keep dry, so as to avoid the leakage of be affected with damp 
3.when bevel angle , first heated to a certain temperature, gently moving on the horn, melting the horns, safe, fast and reliable
4.Copper head is heavy, hot gathered in the front-end , back-end heat dissipation effect is good, high quality.Working long hours and not easy to burn out.

Technical Parameters

Name Dehorning cattle tools for sale
YL 0301
Suitable Cattle, cow, sheep etc
Material Copper heating rod, ceramic inner, stainless steel cover
Size 15.5*15.8cm
Weight 1kg
Voltage 220V, 500W
Wire length 1.1m

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