Cow cattle farming cooling fans

product name Cow cattle farming cooling fans
Type Ventilation Fan
useage home/factory/green house/farm
Material stainless steel
Voltage (V) 220v
Function Ventilation
Motor Copper Motor

Product Description

farm cooling fans
cow cooling system
cattle cooling system
Cow cattle farming cooling fans

Cow cattle farming cooling fans  providing you with cow cooling systems that keep your farm healthy and productive.

Cow cattle farming cooling fans feature

cow cooling fan
cattle cooling fan

Cow cattle farming cooling fans

1. Motors with aluminum-magnesium alloy housing.

2. Good heat emission, high efficiency, reasonable dimension, light weight, low current and big torque.

3. Fan galvanized round frame with zinc-coated, so as to ensure no rust forever.

4. Flanging edge backflow design can increase ventilation, reduce vibration and noise and improve fan’s stability.

5. Fan blades are adjusted by intelligent dynamic-balance tester, to ensure the fan run smoothly with lower vibration and noise and increase stability and service life.

Cow cattle farming cooling fans application:industry ,poultry house ,green house
cattle cooling fans
cow cattle cooling system
Cow cattle farming cooling fans

1) Industrial fields: textile, socks/clothes making, glass, molding, rubber, coating, silk-screen printing, toy, electronics, home appliances, shoe making, printing, food stuff, processing, dyeing, laundry and other workshops with high temperature.

2) Civil fields: net bars, stores, supermarkets, mess hall, food markets, waiting-rooms and recreation places and other occasions with air-conditioning.
3) Agricultural fields: large farms, greenhouse and livestock farms, etc.

Product  Parameters

 Product name  Cow cattle farming cooling fans
 Function  Ventilation
 Material  stainless steel
 Useage  home/factory/green house/farm
Voltage (V) 220v

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