Cattle nose holder

● Model: YL 4504 / YL 4506
● Application: Cattle management
● Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel
● Production engineering: High temperature forging
● MOQ: 50pcs

Product Description



Cattle nose holder, also known as cattle nose clip, is a cattle head holding device. Only need to clamp it on both sides of the nasal septum,it will distract cattle's attention, to manage cattles.


Lengthened handle.

Clamping effect is good.

High temperature forging, not easy to break.

Spherical jaws, reducing damage to cattles.

Technical Parameters

Name Cattle Nose Holder
YL4504 YL4506
Size L 36CM* Max opener 4.5cm L 35CM* Max opener 9cm
Material Carbon steel Stainless steel
Usage Holding cattles' head for management
Weight 500g 630g
MOQ 50pcs

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