Cattle cow animal foot ring

Product name Cattle cow animal foot ring
Model xm1130
material Plastic
Color Yellow
product type Farm Animals
Farm Animals Type cattle
Color Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue & Green

Product Description

 Cattle cow animal foot ring same with animal ear tag and plastic collar, is one of the animal identification, be used to identify the livestock, carrying livestock individual information and tie to the animal feet. The legband collar is mainly used for large and medium-sized livestock farm, currently used for cows, cattle, goat, sheep, pigs, horses, dogs, deer and other livestock farm .

cattle foot ring

cattle foot ring

cattle foot ring

Bovine cattle foot ring
1. TPU material, environmental protection non-toxic.
2. -30℃ non-defrmation, non-break.
3. Custom laser typing, permanent don't fade.
4. Copper ear studs, no rust non-corroding
5. Easy installation and tracking management.

Product  Parameters

 Product Name  Cattle cow animal foot ring
Model  xm1130
 Material  plastic
 Uses cattle
 Function   be used to identify the livestock

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