Calf weaning nose rings

● Model: YL 4563
● Material: Nylon
● product name Calf weaning nose rings
● Application: Used for managing livestocks
● Weight: 14g
● MOQ: 1000pcs

Product Description

Calf weaning nose rings
Calf weaning nose rings

Calf weaning nose rings mainly used in the calf with weaning, put this product on the nose), when the mavs will eat milk, nose sore point will become the cow, the cow won't let the calf to eat milk.

Calf weaning nose rings Features:

1. Bull nose ring is with medical grade nylon raw materials so cattle wonot be infected.

2. Light material, tensile test is around 450kg, not easy to break, less damage to animals.


Technical Parameters

Name Calf weaning nose rings
YL 4563
Application Used for managing livestocks
Material Nylon
Size Diameter 8.5cm
Weight 14g
MOQ 1000pcs

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