kick stop anti kicking device for cows

• Model: YL 4518
• Size: 55-75 cm length
• Material: Carbon steel
• Weight: 1.6kg
• Tube thickness: 3mm

Product Description

anti kicking device cow
Anti kicking device cow

Anti kicking device cow Product parameters: maximum 750 mm, minimum 550 mm.

Anti kicking device cowProduct weight: 1.6 kg

Anti kicking device cowMain components: V tubes, telescopic tube, spring and rubber, etc.
1. anti kicking device cow is used for milking, hoof paringor treament, prevent the cow kicking person.
2. anti kicking device cow is made by galvanized steel pipe and length is adjustable, can be adjusted according to cattle fit properly.
3. The rubber of both side contact with cow softly, to protect animals from harm.
4. Easy operation, simply stretching to press the button

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