calf milk bottle

• Model: FP 4542
• Suitable: Cattle, cow, sheep etc
• Material: Plastic, silicone pacifiers
• Size: 34*10*10 cm 26*10*10 cm
• Weight: 220 g 140 g
• Capacity: 2L ,1L
• Package: 50pcs/carton

Product Description

Calf milk bottle is a calf feeding equipment that as a feeding tool suitable for cattle ,cow,sheep  etc animal.
This calf milk bottle is made of strong, durable polyethylene plastic and the teat is made from a special rubber formula to prolong life and improve pliability.



calf milk bottle

1. The calf milk bottle is suitable for cattle, cow, sheep etc animal.

2. High quality plastic, health and safety, durable, environmental protection.

3. Antibacterial silicone pacifiers, more safety.

4. 2L capacity, accurate calibration, easy to observe

Technical Parameters

Name 1L、2L calf milk bottle
FP 4542
Suitable Cattle, cow, sheep etc
Material PE, silicone pacifiers
Size 34*10*10cm 26*10*10cm
Weight 220g 140g
Capacity 2L 1L
Package 50pcs/carton

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