Calf bull nose ring

• Model: YL0362 YL0363 YL0246
• Material: carbon steel/plastic
• Size: 9cm/10cm/4.8cm
• Weight: 97g
• Usage: Used for calf weaning and protect cow
• MOQ: 100pcs
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How to use:
First to prepare a three to four inches longer long nails, or fine steel, thickness about chopsticks, very sharp, wear ox nostrils, and prepare a wire,Clasp to the cattle neck to lift, must not let down , then you use hand touch key between two nostrils the place where there is a very thin, like the ear cartilage, with nails to wear away, then your prepared beef nose ring wear in the past over there good length with a vise on the knot, it'll be ok.


Technical Parameters

Name Calf weaner nose ring 
YL0362 YL0363  YL0246
Size 9cm/10cm/4.8cm
Material carbon steel/plastic
Weight 97g
Capacity orange
MOQ 100pcs

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