Calf weaner nose ring

• Model: YL 4513
• Material: Non-toxic PVC
• Size: 11.5*7cm
• Weight: 20g
• Usage: Used for calf weaning and protect cow
• MOQ: 1000pcs
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Product Description

Calf weaner nose ring
Calf weaner nose ring 

Calf weaner nose ring mainly used in the calf with weaning, put this product on the nose), when the mavs will eat milk, nose sore point will become the cow, the cow calf won't let the calf to eat milk.

Caught in the calf on the nose, when the calf approached cow milk, because weaner tied to the cow breast, cow run away quickly, so that the mavs slowly don't drink milk. Also can prevent the mavericks lick each other between lead to the spread of disease. Also saves on the artificial management.

Calf weaner nose ring  Product Feature: Calf weaner nose ring  Can adjust the tightness of the clip on the bull nose. Both let the cow comfort, also won't have to reload after falling trouble.

Material: non-toxic PVC. The self-contained wire stainless steel

1. used to prevent the calf to suck the breast

2. used to prevent calf to lick belly buttom of each other

3. Set in the Dallas mavericks come near the mouth, to drink milk cow, because the spurs puncture of the cow cow cow breast, rapid bounce run away

4. Also can prevent the mavericks lick each other between mouth lead to the spread of disease.

5. Suitable for calves up to 18 months of age.

6. Reduces the stress of weaning when used in a two step weaning program.

7. Typically leave the weaners in the calves for 4-7 days, then separate the calves from their mothers and remove weaners.

8. Washable and reusable .

Technical Parameters

Name Calf weaner nose ring 
Size 11.5*7cm
Material Non-toxic PVC
Usage used for calf weaning and protect cow 
Weight 20g
Capacity Yellow ( Could be customized based on large qty)
MOQ 1000pcs

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