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Summer pig precautions

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 Many pig farmers will find that once in the summer, the pig's food intake will change, and they will not eat much. Even if they change a variety of feeds, they can't attract them to eat, eat less, and grow faster. Slower, so many pig farmers do not like summer, the income will shrink, then, with the continuous improvement of farming technology, is there any way to solve this situation?

Reduce the temperature of the pig house
In summer, because the weather is too hot, and if the pigsty is small, the temperature will be higher. At this time, the piglets will become like us, and they will not like to eat. At this time, what we have to do is to reduce the temperature of the pigsty. Considering this problem, when building the pigsty at the beginning, it should be chosen in a place where there is no direct sunlight. This is one of them. Second, if we did not consider this problem at the beginning, we would have to adopt artificial cooling methods. First, we should have ventilation in place, open more ventilated windows, or reinforce a layer of temperature on the top of the pigsty. This can also effectively reduce the temperature of the pig pen, and a generally applicable method is to cool the water vapor, which can often spray water mist.

Choose the right feeding time
At this time, it is best to feed the pigs in the morning and evening when the weather is not too hot. If the weather is hot during the day, try not to feed it. If the temperature of the pigsty is lowered, you can feed it in a small amount, mainly in the morning and evening. When you want to feed the two meals, you should pay attention to the feed when it is cold. It should not be hot. If it is hot, it will not be delicious even if the surrounding environment is cold.

Add a drinking trough
In the summer, you can add a few more water tanks in the pigsty, and there should be water at all times, so that the piglets can lower their body temperature and promote its food to make it fatten. Drinking more water can also speed up the gastrointestinal motility of piglets, allowing the feed of piglets to be quickly digested and increasing their feeding rate. The water in the sink should be replaced regularly. First, it is easy to deteriorate after a long time. Second, it will rise if the temperature is not changed for a long time. When choosing water, use the water in the deep water well. Do not use the river water because there may be a virus in the wild water.