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Four seasons of raising pigs?

Time: 2019-06-25 Views:
 Four orders to raise pigs in the spring, summer, autumn and winter, the temperature changes. Farmers should control some of the traditional four-step pig raising weights in the rural areas according to the seasonal characteristics of the seasons, and enhance the maintenance of the seasons. The pigs can be raised in the four seasons.
First, pay attention to prevent disease in the spring Because after the winter, the physical condition of the livestock and poultry is not good, the resistance is weak, and the disease is easily infected. Therefore, spring is also a season of frequent disease, and it is necessary to enhance maintenance.
The following prevention methods can be accepted:
1. Get the pigsty disinfection. The pigsty is cleaned and the adjusted lime water is applied to the wall of the pigsty and the ground. The corners and the holes are sprinkled. After the lime water in the circle is dry, some hay is padded.
2, make the pig house health. The pigs that accumulate fat work on the grass, diligently excrete, and insist that the pig house is boring.
3. Fix the vaccination at the right time. It is important to fight against swine fever, swine erysipelas, swine plague vaccine or vaccine. 4, pay attention to ventilation, prevent colds. The temperature in spring often changes. Once the weather is cold, it is necessary to block the ventilation and avoid the intrusion of cold air into the pig house.
Second, pay attention to cooling in the summer Many farmers think that the pigs are not long in June, feeding them well, so they will take care of them in the summer. In reality, summer pigs only need to accept the method of lowering the temperature. The pigs are not only long flesh, but also grow faster.
1. Cool the water in the pig body and the pig house. Don't rush to the head when you give the pig a flush. 2. Supply cold water in real time. After the pig has finished eating, give the pig enough clean cold water.
3. Feed more green feed. Properly feed some high-heat feed.
4. Accept the anti-mosquito method so that the pig can sleep peacefully.
Third, pay attention to feed savings in the spring Spring is a good season for pig development and development, is the golden season for raising pigs. The sweet potato, potato, peanut meal, bean straw and other destructive fermentations are very good pig feed. Potato tubers, bean pods, etc. can be dried and destroyed before being used to feed pigs. Therefore, in the spring when raising pigs, in addition to enhancing the general feed management, we must also do the savings and fattening of pig feed.
Fourth, pay attention to the cold insulation in summer. The summer temperature is very low, which is unlucky for the development of pigs. Therefore, it is necessary to accept proper cold insulation methods and adhere to feed nutrients and feed enough feed to regulate the normal development of pigs.
1. Before leaving in the summer, block the tightness of the pig pens through the wind and rain, and avoid the intrusion of cool wind.
2, the mat is hay, sweeping clean, adhere to the boring circle, not let the grass moist.
3, increase the density of feeding, feed more high-heat feed, increase the heat in the pig body.