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South African Chicken farm

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Cooperation projects

Phase I: chicken equipment chicken automatic drinking water system
Phase II: automatic feeding system chicken
Phase III: Chicken House Environmental Control System
Phase IV: Chicken insulation heating system

Project Introduction

South Africa chicken farm set automatic chicken equipment chicken automatic feed line (chicken automatic feeding equipment), chicken automatic waterline (chicken automatic water supply equipment), ventilation cooling system, insulation heating system as one of the large modern automated chicken Field, each house 1,800 square meters, 6 lines +5 lines (customer requirements), a total of 8 buildings.

Service Content

FirePeig agriculture and animal husbandry fully automated chicken equipment system engineering:
1. Chicken equipment chicken automatic drinking water system design, installation, commissioning.
2. Chicken farm automatic feeding system design, installation and commissioning.
3. Chicken shed environmental control system design, installation, commissioning.
4. Chicken shed insulation heating system design, installation, commissioning.

client feedback

FirePeig farmer and animal husbandry designers based on the data provided by the chicken from all aspects of comprehensive comparison, designed a professional for the chicken farm program, by the FirePeig agricultural and forestry professional engineering team completed independently. The whole project is completed with 20 days, in order to monitor the quality of the project to ensure the progress of the schedule, the FirePeig General Manager of agriculture and agriculture personally led the construction. In 20 days time, completed all the chicken coop automated drinking water system, automated chicken feeding system, ventilation cooling system, insulation heating equipment installation and commissioning.

Post tracking feedback

Recently, the use of chicken equipment in South Africa. The chicken farm staff feedback, the current chicken farm is running normally, only 2 people can be completed. Automatic ventilation, automatic temperature cooling, automatic drinking water, automatic feeding, just a person in the control room, chicken process all completed!

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