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location selection and constrution of chicken farm

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With the increasing competition in the market and the increasing awareness of farmers’ modernization, more and more farmers began to seek multi-economic resources, such as financing, joint ventures, sole proprietorship, etc. to achieve standardization and large-scale feeding mode. There have been many large-scale farms with 100,000, 200,000, 500,000 ,laying hens ,etc.

Suitable raising group
The design is suitable for farmers and companies with more than five years experience in laying hens raising, strong economic base、advanced technology、mature management and strong market awareness. The scale of farm should be more than 100,000 laying hens.

Chicken farm construction planning
1, site selection: avoid farming intensive areas , with good quality water.
2, feeding mode: "brooding bred" and "egg" two-stage cage.
3, shed construction: each chicken shed 15 ~ 20 thousand raise the scale, adopt the closed type chicken shed, four three steps to raise, automatic drinking and feeding system, complete ventilation and clean manure ,etc..

Construction Design

1, Overall layout of the farm
① General principles: consider from convenient epidemic prevention and organizational production. The layout of the site area should be divided into production area, office area, living area, auxiliary production area, manure treatment area, etc.
② Arrangement principles: according to the dominant wind direction, topography and flow direction are living area, office area, auxiliary production area, production area and manure treatment area. If the terrain and the wind direction is inconsistent, follow the dominant wind direction.

2, farm layout inside:
the overall planning should consider comprehensively, including shed spacing, roads, manure, fire prevention, epidemic prevention and other factors. large-scale chicken farm with 100 thousand chicken is recommended to adopt six single-row or double-row chicken shed arrangement.

(1) single-house shed towards: the east-west or east (or west) 15 degrees, which will help improve the winter homes and avoid summer solar radiation, the use of dominant wind direction, to improve the ventilation conditions.
② spacing between the sheds: Chicken spacing, 10 to 20 meters for brood rearing shed while 10 to 15 meters for layer chicken shed.
③ Chicken Farm Road: Chicken Road is divided into two kinds, the net road and the dirty road. The net road is used for transportation of feed, chickens and eggs. The dirty rode is used for transportation of manure, dead chickens and diseased chickens. They cannot be used interchangeably.

3, auxiliary facilities construction
① farm gate disinfection pool: farm and the outside should be divided clearly. disinfection pool should be set in different regions and the entrance of the gate . The disinfection pool length is 1.3 to 1.5 times the maximum vehicle length. Disinfection pool depth is 30 to ~ 50 cm.
② road design: the design of the road should consider the demands of transportation and epidemic prevention, requiring clean sewage separation, clear shunt, non-cross, good drainage, road quality need to be good. The distance between the road and buildings should be 2 to 4 meters and the mini width of the road surface outside be the two medium-sized car smooth faulty car, about 4 to 8 meters.
③ water supply and drainage design: there should be with two wells, use wells and spare wells, otherwise, also require the construction of pump houses, towers and pipelines. Waste water caused by production and living discharge by buried pipes.According to the terrain to design the drainage route to discharge rainwater to achieve rain can be away timely.

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