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In the process of raising chickens, what nutrients need to be added to chickens, what effect will it have on chickens?

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In the process of raising chickens, what nutrients need to be added to chickens, what effect will it have on chickens?
Chickens have relatively small metabolism and relatively high levels of production, so they need to add more nutrients to the culture process than other poultry.

First, energy

The energy mentioned here is mainly composed of three types, the first one is carbohydrate, the second is fat, and the third is protein. In the process of raising chickens, farmers should ensure that carbohydrates are the first source of energy, although Protein also produces energy when the chicken's physical energy is left, but it is much higher than the cost of carbohydrates.
1. Carbohydrates include starch, various sugars and crude fiber. I think starch is the most important source of carbohydrate formation, because the absorption rate of crude fiber chicken is very low, and it can hardly be expected to be converted into energy. It is recommended that farmers' friends should pay attention not to allow the crude fiber content to account for 5 percent of the feed when feeding the feed daily.
2. Fat, which is a kind of high-energy substance, under normal circumstances, the calorie produced by physical energy will be nearly three times that of ordinary carbohydrates. If the content of starch is too high during daily feeding, it will naturally be in the body of the chicken. Forming the uniform, I tested in the laboratory and found that if I add 1% to 5 percent of the fat in the feed of broiler and laying hens every day, it can improve the overall utilization of the feed.

Second, protein

Protein is the main nutrient component of all chicken products, which constitutes the whole chicken structure, including chicken and eggs. The protein is mainly composed of amino acids and is finally absorbed by various enzymes after being digested by the digestive system of the chicken. The amino acids that make up the protein are in principle up to more than twenty.
The protein source for chickens is mainly soy products in the feed and related processed products, such as bean cakes, cakes, etc., and other animal feeds also provide protein, commonly known as fish meal, bone meal and so on. In the daily feeding, the protein content in the grain feed is not uniform enough, and the necessary methionine and lysine are less, and these two amino acids are relatively perfect in animal feed, so it is necessary to mix the feed types reasonably in daily feeding. To ensure a balanced nutrition.

Third, minerals

Among the mineral elements, I think that the most needed for the flock is calcium and phosphorus. The hospital is the main source of chicken bones and eggshells. In addition to helping the formation of the above two parts, phosphorus can also be in the protein. The formation of egg yolk plays a catalytic role. Calcium I recommend adding about one percent to the brooding in daily feeding. The laying hens can be controlled to 1.5%. In addition, shells or limestone fragments can be used to ensure high intake.
The supplement of phosphorus can be added 0.30% to 0.40% during brooding, and 0.35% if it is a laying hen. In addition to calcium and phosphorus, the most important thing is sodium and chlorine. Here I suggest that you can use the salt to supplement the chickens, but pay attention to the amount of each time, because too much salt will cause the poisoning of the chickens. .
Fourth, vitamins
I think that the most vulnerable chickens are vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B. I suggest that farmers use nutrients to supplement chickens in daily feeding. Other vitamins are not found in daily feed. Lack of it, as long as you eat on time, you can get supplements, no big problem.

Five, water

Water can be regarded as an indispensable supplement in the growth of chickens. It has been found in experiments that when a chicken loses all the fat in the body or more than half of the protein, it can survive normally, but when the body Death occurs when the water inside loses one tenth, so the importance of water is important for raising chickens. In addition to the water supplement in the feed, the chicken needs to replenish a large amount of water in the daily life. Therefore, how to properly and properly add water to the chickens is a compulsory course for each chicken family friend.