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Feeding and management of Turkey

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The breeding process of turkeys can generally be divided into three stages: brooding, breeding and laying. Of course, fattening stage is also included if raise turkey as meat products.


The main focus of brooding stage is drinking, feeding and temperature control. After the turkey break out the shell, try best to move to the brooding box to rear in nearly 24 hours. After entering the brood room and becoming stable flocks, begin to drink. The water should be about 20 ℃ clean warm water when first drinking, glucose can also been added in drinking water.2-3 hours after drinking water begin to tease tuning feeding. Newborn turkey should be fed high-protein feed, dietary crude protein should reach about 25%. At the same time, should also be fed a variety of vitamins, minerals and green fodder. The first 7 days during brooding, feeding 5 to 6 times a day, 4 times after 1 month. Young turkey like spicy flavor, spices may be appropriate when mixed with some onions, garlic and leeks, etc., in order to enhance the appetite of young turkeys, inhibition of fungi, and promote young turkey digestion. Temperature of newborn turkey’s demands is required to reach 36 ~ 38 ℃, higher than the standard than the average turkey. The temperature should be down 3 ℃ per week, until the temperature reach the room temperature.


The main focus of breeding stage is to ensure the growth and development. Mother turkey to 8 weeks of age while the turkey to 10 weeks of age come into the incubation period. During this period appropriate control of feed, slowing down the growth rate is conducive to future laying. General dietary crude protein levels can be reduced to 15% to 18%. It’s better to carry out during the day grazing, and add appropriate bran, cereals,Shredded sweet potatoes and so on when morning and evening feeding. If the turkey is for meat aim, it is necessary to fatten, strengthen management, and pay attention to the environment, tools, disinfection. Formulate and strictly enforce immunization procedures.


The main focus of laying stage is to maintain a high egg production rate and prolong the period of egg production. The mother turkey enters the first laying period from 30 weeks of age. During laying period feed should be complete formula feed, protein be maintained at 18% to 20%. General mother turkey begin to hold nest eggs when laying 10 to 15 eggs. In order to promote the egg production, it’s necessary to wake up the nest as soon as possible. Most of turkeys is natural mating, male, female turkey ratio should be 1:10. Male breeding turkey requires physical health, lively, shiny feathers, straight and straight legs; Female breeding turkey requires flat back with straight tail, wide chest body, feathers and meat with bright color. In order to avoid inbreeding and breed degradation, male breeding turkey should be imported from other places.

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