Sow farrowing pen

Brand Name FirePeig
model YL3302
Material Ductile iron
advantage Anti-aging, not easy to fold
Size 2.1m*3.7m
function provide a clean place for pig
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Product Description

2 sows, Siamese bed beams and bars to ensure that all are ductile iron, anti-aging, not easy to fold.

Specifications: 2.1m * 3.7m, pig fog manure raw materials, sow bit is cast iron cast iron fecal plate.

Accessories: including 2 incubators, 2 electric insulation board, 2 sow trough 2 piglets trough.

Pipe size: hot galvanized pipe, 1 inch tube, 1.8 thick

For a higher standard, such as GB standard, welcome to ask!

Sow Size: 60CM          Piglet size: 50CM.

Note: The bed is made of heat pipe welding. Quality assurance.
Sow farrowing pen
Sow farrowing pen
Sow farrowing pen

Product  Parameters

 Name Sow farrowing pen
 Anti-aging, not easy to fold
 Material  Ductile iron
 Size 2.1m*3.7m 

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