Farrowing pigs crates

Product name Farrowing pigs crates
Model C1,C2,C3,D1,D2,D3
Material Hot Dip Galvanized steel
Product type Farrowing pigs crates
Surface treatment Hot Dip Galvanized
Height adjustable
Accessories Hot Dip Galvanized steel
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 Farrowing pigs crates, also known as a sow stall, is a metal enclosure in which a farmed sow used for breeding may be kept during pregnancy and after parturition in order to keep her piglets safe in a small space setting.
Farrowing pigs crates is used for sows during pregnancy. It reduces the abortion rate by reasonable restriction of moving space and also makes it easy and efficient for feeding.
farrowing crates

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Farrowing pigs crates detail show

farrowing crates
farrowing crates
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 Farrowing pigs crates
Farrowing pigs crates feature
1. A clean and sanitary delivery environment will enable the sows to recover quickly after birth and give fuller play to their potential.
2. Facilitate the management of sows and piglets;
3. Can provide good hygienic conditions, can prevent the accumulation of living things and the reproduction of bacteria, reduce the disease of piglets;
4. To provide a healthy, comfortable environment and safe activity space for newborn piglets;
5. Reduce farmers' energy and economic input and increase economic income;
6. Improve the survival rate of piglets;
7. The PVC fence provides a closed environment for piglets to avoid the influence of wind flow and low temperature on piglets and is suitable for autumn and winter seasons.
8. The round steel bar is dry and airy, Farrowing pigs crates suitable for summer hot seasons, avoiding diseases and infections caused by high temperature and humidity;
9. In the middle is a piglet incubator, with optional heat lamps, to ensure the health of piglets in the cold winter;

Product  Parameters

 Product Name  9 beam  new type Farrowing pigs crates
 Model C1 C2  C3 D1 D2 D3
Thickness 1.8 2.0  2.5 1.8 2.0 2.5
 Length(m) 2.2x3.8 2.2x3.8  2.2x3.8 2.2x3.8 2.2x3.8 2.2x3.8

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