Vertical tmr feed mixer machine for sale

Product name Vertical tmr feed mixer machine for sale
TMR feed mixerPower 15kw
TMR feed mixerType Mixer, Bearing
Certification CE ISO
advantage energy saving 30-50%
Condition New
Warranty 1 YEAR

Product Description

vertical feed mixer
 Vertical tmr feed mixer machine for sale

 Vertical tmr feed mixer machine  can make even and coarse feeds mix evenly, improve feed palatability, avoid the occurrence of nutrient imbalance caused by picky food of dairy cows, increase milk production, and is suitable for large, medium and small ranches throughout China. TMR feed mixer speed reducer, motor using well-known manufacturers products, electronic weighing module using high-quality imported products, blades with high-strength wear-resistant blades, auger blade material using high-quality high-alloy steel, easy to use, durable, reduced The maintenance cost greatly improves the service life of the product.

 Vertical tmr feed mixer machine  technical features

TMR mixer
 Vertical tmr feed mixer machine for sale

Vertical stationary feed mixer

1. Can quickly open, chop large round, square bales
2. After the unloading material box clean, leaving no material left
3. Zigzag double-sided blade made of special alloy material, durable, reduce maintenance costs.
4. The bottom cavity and the tank are made of thick steel plates and can withstand long-time stirring.
5. Install anti-overflow device on top of car

Vertical traction feed mixer

mixer for sale
 Vertical tmr feed mixer machine for sale

1. Independent hydraulic system, convenient mounting, strong independence, long service life
2. Non-chain bilateral automatic unloading device (can be opened on one side according to user requirements)
3. With anti-corrosion coating, special alloy double-sided blade, sharp, strong
4. Optional side arm manipulator can quickly and easily grab forage and concentrate

 Vertical tmr feed mixer machine for sale advantage

tmr feed mixer
 Vertical tmr feed mixer machine for sale

1. Good structure:

The structure is simple; the weighing is more accurate; the large round or square hay bales can be easily handled; the wear rate of the mixer truck is greatly reduced due to the small pressure of the feed on the sidewall of the cartridge.

The vertical feed mixer has a simple structure. In contrast, horizontal mixers have many components and require more maintenance. In addition to that, parts that are more often means that there is a high probability of failure, which affects normal use.

The stirring effect of the vertical mixer is more uniform and accurate. The reason is that the feed is twisted by the auger and falls naturally. This is repeated and the stirring effect is very good. However, to achieve this, we must also ensure that the order of feeding is correct. Each time the horizontal mixer has some feed residue at the bottom of the bin, it has not been stirred.

 Vertical tmr feed mixer machine for sale can easily handle large bales of feed. For round or square bale feeds, most horizontal mixers are difficult to handle, and vertical mixers can be easily stirred.

Due to the small pressure on the bottom and side walls of the vertical mixer tank, equipment wear is slow. Horizontal mixers do not have this advantage. They wear faster and their service life decreases.

2. Stirring effect:

After the feed is stirred, it is soft and palatable; the feed is not easy to agglomerate; due to the slow rotation speed of the auger, the damage to the feed fiber structure is small.
The soft, palatable feed produced by the vertical mixer will enhance the appetite of the cow and will facilitate digestion.

The feed stirred by the vertical mixer is not easy to agglomerate. Agglomeration refers to the fact that the feed is over-squeezed and forms a dry, hard block. The cows will always feel full when they eat this kind of feed, and they cannot eat too much. Horizontal mixers, because the augers are horizontally structured, are prone to over-extending the feed, which is not the case with vertical mixers.

Because of the slow speed of the auger, the vertical mixer has little damage to the feed fiber structure. Once the fiber structure is damaged, the nutrient components will be quickly lost. Compared with horizontal mixers, vertical mixers can maintain feed nutrients for a longer period of time.

The  Vertical tmr feed mixer machine for sale has a simple structure and is more reliable. From mixing to unloading, they ensure that high-quality feeds are agitated to increase milk production and milk quality. It is also for these reasons that most of the ranches in Europe and the United States have adopted vertical mixers.

Product  Parameters

 Technical data Unit  Specification
Modle cube 7
Product form / Fixed horizontal
Spindle speed R/min ≤20
Supporting power kw Double 7.5kw+1.5kw hydraulic pressure
Rated voltage v 380,220
Machine weight kg 4120
Work efficiency     / Available for 350 cows

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