Silage loaders

Product name Silage loaders
Silage loaders use convey silage into the TMR feed mixer
Certification: CE ISO
Silage loaders colour green,can be customized according to the customer requirement
Silage loader power Electrical drive
Silage loaders high 3-9m,,can be customized according to the customer requirement
Brand name Yinglian

Product Description

silage loader
Silage loaders

Silage loaders is a reclaimer with functions such as retrieving, conveying, chopping and so on. Suitable for all kinds of silage pits, uniform material removal, flat cutting surface and strong power.

Silage loaders is fast, efficient and safe, avoids secondary fermentation of silage, prevents the occurrence of various diseases caused by mildew in feed, silage loaders is widely used in domestic and foreign enterprises, and is widely used by livestock companies. favorite.

Silage loaders function: Silage loader is a reclaimer with functions of reclaiming, conveying, shredding, etc. It is widely used in dairy farms.

Silage loaders , a total of two motors, respectively, to provide power for the following four parts: retrieving roller, hydraulic power, transmission chain power, machine driving power. It is mainly suitable for the loading of silage in silage pits of cattle farms or cattle-raising communities, and is highly favored by advertising animal husbandry enterprises.

Silage loaders working principle:
silage feed wagon
Silage loader

1. Turn on the main power switch of the silage loader, connect the hydraulic pump motor power, and move the machine to the vicinity of the silage wall.

2. Raise the large reel drum, operate the handle to stabilize the machine, and use the hydraulic lever to start the conveyor chain.

3. Switch on the pick-up drum motor switch, check the rotation direction of the pick-up drum, then the normal rotation direction when the material is plowed is clockwise, operate the hydraulic control handle to make the take-off drum boom fall.

4. Adjust the hydraulic throttle valve to control the speed of the take-off roller. When the roller drops to the lowest point, immediately put the hydraulic control handle to the middle position. When there is no fodder on the conveyor belt, stop the transmission drive and pull the hydraulic pressure. The control handle raises the drum to the highest point.

5. Finally, control the walking hydraulic control handle so that the whole machine advances to a suitable position, so that the drum descends and starts a new round of loading work, when the work is completed.

6. We recommend that you clean up the excess material on the silage loaders, check the silage loader conveyor chain, drive chain, and add lubrication oil; whether the roller blade is loose, whether the roller bearing installation screws are loose and add lubricant every week.
Silage loaders Usage Notice

silage loaders for sale
Silage loaders

1: Check the steel plate screws before work and tighten them if necessary.

2: Do not use this machine as a conveyor.

3: The process of the machine entering the silo must be driven by a dedicated operator. In the process of going downhill, driving in front and the equipment taking place ensure that there are no unrelated personnel. The ramp should be no roll. And to ensure the stability of driving.

4: Do not use the machine for other purposes. If the machine is faulty, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance.

5: The machine should run at low speed to ensure its controllability and safety.

6: When reversing, ensure that there are no unrelated people and obstacles around.

7: Ensure the openness of the operator's field of vision.

8: When the machine is walking, no one should be on the machine. It cannot be used as a traction machine.

9: Be careful not to drive the machine on a soft surface. Be cautious when walking uphill.

10: Do not work in bad light to ensure safety.

11: Do not drive the silage loaders to the road.

Product  Parameters

 Item YL-5 YL-6  YL-7

Total Weight(T)

2.7 2.8  3


6420x1900x3800 6420x1900x3800  7200x1900x4800

Reclaim height(MM)

5000 5000  5000

Hob width(MM)

1600 1600  1600

Conveyor loading height(MM)

3000 3000 3000

Conveyor loading height(MM)

7.5 7.5 7.5

Pump station motor power(kw)

4 4 4

Walking motor power(kw)

4 4 4

Transport motor power(kw)

3 3 3

Total power(kw)

18.5 18.5 18.5

Roller rated speed R/min

160 160 160
Drum take-off knife quantity piece 92 92 92

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