Silage feeder spreader

Product name small fertilizer spreader
Features quick speed and large load
Production Capacity 20 sets/month
Feed spreader distributor silage to animal
Colour as client requirment
Feed spread Application spreader for cow and goat
Brand name FirePeig

Product Description

cow cattle feed spreader
Silage feeder spreader 

Electric Silage feeder spreader are suitable for farming and animal husbandry aquaculture areas, large and medium-sized feed farms, and feeding operations regulated by the community. They can mix and mix various forage grasses, crop straws, and silage feeds and put them into the vehicle. Feeding operations.

Electric Silage feeder spreader  are electric-driven transportation vehicles. They are widely used in cattle feed factories, feed factories, and livestock breeding farms. These sites used to rely on human resources and were time-consuming and laborious. The electric feed spreader produced by the British Save labor and save costs for the company.

The main function of the Silage feeder spreader  is to feed the finished product directly into the feeding area and complete the feeding once. The feed spreader is widely used in the farming and animal husbandry aquaculture areas, and the large and medium-sized farms and the standard community feeding farms can feed each one. After mixing and stirring the fibrous feed such as pasture, crop stalks and silage, it is put into the vehicle and fed. The utility model has the advantages of simple and convenient use, easy operation, reliable product quality and durability. The feeding process can be adjusted according to the user's density of livestock and poultry during the scattering process, and the use efficiency is high, the time and labor are saved, and the farm space is saved.

By using this Silage feeder spreader  to feed the whole mixed diet, carbohydrates, fats, cellulose and other nutrients can be used in the rumen, and the ruminal vitamin production rate and bacterial protein production can be greatly improved.

Simplify the feeding process, reduce the arbitrariness of feeding, greatly improve the precision of management; implement group management, and then feed with machinery, improve labor productivity, reduce labor costs

Silage feeder spreader  working principle:

feed spreader
Silage feeder spreader 

When the spreader truck is opened to the designated feeding place, first turn on the small conveyor control switch (left and right) of the instrument hill, then turn on the large conveyor and start the caster at the same time to feed, stop the large conveyor to stop feeding. Then stop the small delivery.

The main structure of Silage feeder spreader
cattle feed spreader
Silage feeder spreader  in cusotmer factory

The Silage feeder spreader  consists of a motor tricycle (automobile) and a scattering system. The motor tricycle (automobile) is mainly engaged in transportation walking and scattering of power. The feeding system is completed by feeding the main conveyor and small conveyor.

Silage feeder spreader  advantage
cattle feed spreader cost
Silage feeder spreader is using in cutomer factory

1. The Silage feeder spreader  is driven by diesel truck which is powerful,it is very convenient to use

2. The Silage feeder spreader  can be controlled inside the cab and control the spreading speed easil.

3. Silage feeder spreader  can feed both sides and feed faster and more efficiently.

4. The material is thrown quickly and the speed of the material is adjusted.

5. The overall hydraulic drive, low failure and easy maintenance.

6. Convertible cab or fully enclosed cab control all drives.

Product  Parameters

Capacity (cubic) 4 5 6  10
Dimensions 3900x1460x2160 3600x1700x2200 4600x2160x2780 5800x1960x2360
Afterwards Hydraulic drive chain Hydraulic drive chain
Spreading method Hydraulic drive belt Hydraulic drive belt Hydraulic drive belt Hydraulic drive belt
Supporting power 18hp 22hp 22hp 40hp
Vehicle configuration Tricycle Tricycle Tricycle Tricycle

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