Chicken sunglasses

Product name Chicken sunglasses
Model xm1408
material Plastic
Application chicken, broiler, duck etc poultry
Type farm animal
Farm Animals Type Chicken
color red

Product Description

 Chicken glasses is a kind of can prevent the breeding chickens to fight each other, pecking, anus without affecting the normal chicken to gather the food, drinking water, special glasses.
 Chicken sunglassesare worn for cocks to prevent for them fighting.
Chicken sunglasses are fuitable for pheasant, Free Range, hens, Ma chicken , three buff chickens, silkie an peacock.
chicken glasses
 chicken goggles
red chicken glasses
chicken eyeglasses
Chicken sunglasses
Applications: large pheasant, chickens, hens, cockerel, hen
Advantage of Chicken sunglasses 
1. prevent a flight between chickens , survival rate can reach 97%
2. reduce chicken group exercise, can save feed about 8%-12%
3. laying rate can increase 15%
4. High quality and reusable

Product  Parameters

 Product Name  Chicken sunglasses
Model  XM1408
 Material  plastic
 Application  chicken, broiler, duck etc poultry
 Product type  First,the use of carbon dioxide welding all-round welding, and then the overall hot-dip galvanized inside and outside

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