Chicken water feeder drinker

Product name Chicken water feeder drinker
Model xm0899
Material Plastic
Application chicken
Farm Animals Type chicken type
Colors red
function feeder water to chicken

Product Description

 Chicken water feeder drinker is designed for chicks during their first days of life. Made from durable plastic, the tray is very easy to wipe clean, and we recommend that you change the crumbs and clean it every day. Chick crumbs are simply scattered on the tray, and chicks are able to wander around as they please amongst the food.
chicken drinkers and feeders

chicken drinkers automatic

chicken drinkers automatic


Product  Parameters

 Product Name  Chicken water feeder drinker
 Model  xm0899
 Material  Plastic
 Uses  feed water to chicken 
 Farm Animals Type  chicken 

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