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Product Description

Brief Introduction
1. Increase Sheep feed intake
2. Increase sheep weight
3. Decrease morbidity
4. Innovative high-tech products
5. Nutrition health care function
6. Extend lactating period
7. Extend using fixed number of years
8. Rich in organic mineral

Feature of the himalayan rock salt bricks:
1.amultinutrient blocks re innovative high-tech products Carefully developed to balance sheep nutrition comprehensively. They are rich in Major, trace and rare elements ,V.E, Licking quantity control agent, efficient growth promoting agent and function regulator necessary for sheep.
2. Multinutrient blocks have nutrition health care function by adjusting the physiological metabolism.At the same time, they can effectively improve the feed conversion rate, promote growth, the production performance, quality of animal products.
3. Multinutrient blocks can Replenish,balance and regulate Mineral nutrition to prevent and reduce the morbidity of licking fetish, foot rot, white myopathy, postpartum paralysis, calves, rickets nutritional anemia caused by mineral nutrition deficiency and dysequilibrium, thick fur, sand crack, repeatedly infertility, abortion, stillbirth, afterbirth not bottom, breast dysplasia, breast dysplasia, mastitis, postpartum hypogalactia.

Pakistan natural salt brick Himalayan organic salt licks
6-7kg/per price:68
Application: cattle ,sheet, horse, deer etc ruminant

The difference between the natural salt brick and artificial salt brick
Due to the formation natural conditions of natural salt brick is very harsh, at present only the Himalayas mining in Pakistan. It is mainly used for:
1,bath center, its release negative ions, which are beneficial to the body and a variety of essential material, can significantly improve physical release tiredness. 2, herbivores mineral supplements. National team and the national or provincial plant-eating animals at the zoo added mineral, improve resistance. Improve reproductive capacity, improve the quality of semen, treatment female feet soft, caused by loss of minerals after abscess is not healing, physical deterioration and other diseases.
3 natural salt bricks, the Himalayas,have been sold to the United States, Japan, Finland, England, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands in the green farms, because these developed countries found that feeding this natural brick than artificial salt brick, meat and livestock health are more satisfactory, cattle and sheep milk powder can sell a good price.

Whether sheep lack of trace elements and other elements?
(1) lack of salt, loss of appetite, poor digestion, absorption, chew solonetz, slow growth, weight generally accounted for 1% of daily feeding amount 0.5 - too much will poisoning.
(2) the lack of calcium phosphate, female postpartum paralysis, convulsions, pica, licking each other a flasher, a MAO, indigestion, emaciated, stunted growth, no heat, no cartilage disease, pregnancy, hunch your fistula disease. In the general requirements of feed calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1. 1.
(3) lack of potassium, diarrhea
(4) lack of magnesium, neuromuscular excitability convulsion, constipation.
(5) lack of sulfur, wool, tears, salivate, vision loss.
(6) iron deficiency and anemia.
(7) lack of copper, hair hard and straight, slow growing, with iron deficiency anemia.Iodine deficiency
(8), thyroid enlargement and dwarfism.
(9) lack of cobalt, pica, anemia, weak, thin, without god, without burnish, lamb growth stagnation, loss of fertility, and even death.
(10) manganese deficiency: late sexual maturity, sexual cycle disorder, female embryo is absorbed, weak lamb, sheep into joint pain, leg joints appear excrescence, osteoporosis and crispy lamb.
Zinc deficiency
(11), skin and oral mucosa keratinization, difficulty swallowing, testicular atrophy.
Selenium deficiency
(12), white myopathy, infertility.

Cattle nutrition block

The block is that process cattle and sheep the nutrients needed by the scientific formula and processing technology into squares, a feed for cattle and sheep lick, its shape is differ, some are cylindrical, rectangular, square. Also known as block compound additive, usually referred to as "licking blocks" Both theory and practice show that the supplementary feeding, It can significantly improve the health of cattle and sheep, to speed up the growth speed, improve the economic benefit.Since the 1980 s, It has been widely used in more than 60 countries and regions, the farmers affectionately call "the cattle and sheep chocolate"

I. main ingredients: unit (mg/kg) Co: 75 Cu: 1000 Fe: 1500 Mn: 500 Na: 300000 Se: 20 zinc: 1000 mg: 5000 I: 150

II. main effect
1. feed intake increased 10-20%.
2. weight increased 10-25%.
3. Milk yield increased 5-20%.
4. The lactation period and the use fixed number of year extended by more than 20%.
5. Ensure that milk or milk protein content of 2.9% or higher, significantly improve the quality of dairy products, melamine. city
7. High utilization of organic mineral elements, it can produce iron rich zinc selenium care milk, etc.
8. Obviously decrease stress reaction.
9. Enhance fertility, promote the development of the baby's health.
10. The prevention and treatment of pica, such as eat excrement, licking the urine, etc. Normal production
11. Reduce rickets, soft bone disease, foot rot, sand crack, repeatedly with infertility, abortion, stillbirth, afterbirth not bottom, breast dysplasia, mastitis, postpartum hypogalactia, the incidence of postpartum paralysis, thick fur.

III. the method of use: fixed a convenient place for animal freely lick.

IV. note: Ensure animal adequate clean drinking water; Don't let the animal lick the broken loose block directly; Prevent damp, breaking and loose

V. the shelf life: 3 years.

六. packaging specifications: 5 kg/piece, 5 kg * 4 blocks/box


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